Looking after your hair in Bali’s tropical climate

In Bali’s tropical climate, where the weather is permanently hot and humid, we are all very aware of the effect of humidity on our hair. High moisture levels in the air cause straight hair to frizz, carefully-styled curls to drop, and textured tresses to become wild and unmanageable. This occurs because the moisture in the air reacts with the hydrogen bonds in each strand of hair.

Additionally, the UV rays from the sun will damage our hair, drying it out and fading the colour in the same way that the sun fades fabrics and artwork, which is why museums never hang paintings in direct sunlight. The damage to our hair happens because hair contains a pigment called melanin, produced at the roots. Melanin is what gives hair its colour, but UV rays cause the melanin to oxidise and discolour.

Another effect of the sun is that it depletes the keratin, which is the key structural component of our hair – an essential protein that gives healthy hair its strength. When the keratin is undamaged, it lies along our strands like tiles upon a roof. However, when we impair the keratin in our hair, some of this covering can become broken and shift out of place, causing the hair shafts to weaken and become easily damaged. Furthermore, they do not reflect light, thus causing the hair to look dull.

The sun damages our hair in one final way – by sucking the moisture and oils out of it. The moisture level should be around 8% but sun damage can cause this to fall to as low as 2%. When this happens, we end up with split ends and brittle, broken strands of hair.

To keep your hair shiny and vibrant, protect it from sun exposure with the following tips:

  • The key to protecting hair from hot, humid weather is to create a barrier that moisture cannot penetrate. If your hair is already dry, chemically treated, and over-processed, it will also be dehydrated and porous and will absorb moisture quickly, so when you’re in Bali you will want to make sure you deep condition on a regular basis. After washing, your hair will look shinier and have extra body. At Spoiled, we can recommend specific deep conditioning and anti-frizz products that will work best with your type of hair.
  • Try to keep your hair out of chlorine and saltwater. The cuticle of the hair is like a sponge, if you go into a pool with dry hair, it will absorb the chlorinated water. Wet your hair with freshwater before swimming in a pool or in the sea, this will prevent it from absorbing as much chlorine; then rinse your hair with lukewarm water afterwards.
  • The sun will oxidise your hair and can make it lighter than you want. This is something we can compensate for at Spoiled Salon.
  • When you have finished washing your hair with a nourishing, moisture-replenishing shampoo, blast it with a stream of cool water. This will help to close down the cuticles and seal up the pores so that moisture from the air can’t get in and wreck your style.
  • Avoid using lemon juice as a highlighter — it will dry out your hair and can worsen the condition of already sun-damaged hair.
  • Make sure you leave the house with plenty of hair ties and clips to help you to tame your hair in times of need.
  • Wear a hat
  • Come to Spoiled for a professional consultation. If you regularly manage colour and styling on your own, the professional colourists and stylists at Spoiled can correct mistakes, bring you up to speed on a current, flattering style for your face, and suggest the right treatment products.
  • Book a cream bath treatment for your hair at Spoiled. Using products that gently detoxify the hair structure and deeply regenerate your hair, this delightfully decadent conditioning treatment has been created to cleanse and relax the scalp, and to deeply nourish and repair damaged hair from the roots to the ends, leaving it looking thick, shining and healthy. The experience is enhanced with luxurious massaging and pampering, including a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.
  • Sun, humidity, chlorine, saltwater, chemical treatment and daily harmful agents will result in the opening of scales and loss of nutrients, with the cuticle failing to retain components that are essential to the maintenance of healthy hair. Spoiled offers a Keratin treatment, which contains active agents that replenish the keratin and seal the strands, treating the hair deeply, eliminating frizz, restoring dried hair tips and keeping them aligned and defined without changing the natural form. Straight hair becomes even straighter and wavy hair gains perfect waves.